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The creative Virtual Design project took place in Torino, where Italdesign one of the world’s leading companies in the automotive industry required to boost the current user experience of Pop up next, a self-driving transportation system car manufactured by them.

We proposed different types of features and devices that allowed a greater degree of customization of the environment and the space inside the car by creating modular components and integration of a mobile app.

I conducted initial mobility and user research to define key personas, then we developed the concept and the desired user experience. Finally, I played an important role creating visual, UI, UX and motion design.

My role

User Experience Researcher, User Experience Designer, User Interface​, Visual Design



Tools Used

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Blender, Figma​

User Research

The design process began analyzing the context of use. In this stage we researched about the mobility in Turin and conducted some interviews to get a better understanding of  users’ behaviors.

Figure 1. shows purpose of travel in Turin.

The first purpose of travel in Turin is work, while the second purpose in order of volume of travel is purchases.

Subsequently we analysed the collected  data, identified three user groups, and defined three different personas sharing the requirement of  “transporting bulky objects”. One of our personas was Giuseppe.  Giusepps profile is described below:

Persona Giuseppe


We evaluated  “Enjoy” a renowned car sharing service in Turin and found deficiencies that could be eliminated with our future mobility experience solution.


According to our personas’ requirements and the problems discovered in Enjoy, we generated a concept focused on:

tuning, settings, equalizer, Smartphone, iphone, Customize, Gear


width, extend, wider, sides, wallsCreated with Sketch.


95 Miscellaneous 20 solid


Our aim was to create an amazing, relaxing and joyful experience.

From Findings To Features​​

The project goal was achieved through the creation  of a customisation app and the easy modification of the car physical interior space
I developed  Pop Up next app, which  allows the user not only to select the  type of trip (Pop Up, Pop Up Cargo or Pop next delivery), book the trip and choose method of payment; but also customize the interior environment of the car by selecting  his favorite music, colors, activities and apps of interest (e.g social and entertainment apps).



Sign Up


width, extend, wider, sides, wallsCreated with Sketch. 1

Photo: Provide visual identification for the user when he is using the app and the screens inside the car.

width, extend, wider, sides, wallsCreated with Sketch. 2

Preferences content: Establish apps and functionalities that will be connected and shown on the screens.

width, extend, wider, sides, wallsCreated with Sketch. 3

Unlock code: Give the possibility to select which type of code the user will prefer to use. It can be a code traced on a panel, a numeric pin, or fingerprinting.

Select a specific car service

Choice of route

Schedule a trip

width, extend, wider, sides, wallsCreated with Sketch. 4

POP UP type: Pop up service has 3 types of cars, standard, cargo and delivery. In Giuseppe’s trip, Pop up cargo is the best option to transport his instruments.

width, extend, wider, sides, wallsCreated with Sketch. 5

Type of trip: The user can customize some features of his journey like price and speed.

width, extend, wider, sides, wallsCreated with Sketch. 6

Schedule: There will be always available cars if the person books his trip.

Features and devices​

Features linked to modification of interior space were based on modular designs (including screens and car seats), thus users could make easy adjustments according to their changing needs. Interaction was based in touchscreens, eye tracking and smart control systems.

Eye tracking


Center armrest


Video Explanation​

The following one-minute video shows the result of the experience design we created within the Pop Up Next.


Our redesign user experience created a higher level of customization, new uses and  interactions in the car.  Pop Up users’ can enjoy the whole experience, regardless of the level of expertise in technology.

The client was highly satisfied with the UX solution. This project validated the importance of user centered design because all the ideas were based on users’ needs and their motivations. Teamwork and trust was key  in this successful  project.

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