Coffe of the future


This project was carried out in Turin for Lavazza, one of the world’s top five coffee companies. Lavazza’s innovation team was challenged to design an unforgettable and captivating first-contact experience for Lavazza’s consumers with a new sustainable single-serve machine.

We proposed five experience pillars based on analysis of the current experience, benchmarking and incorporating circular economy ideas gathered through an internal workshop with corporate teams and three external workshops with consumers.

I led the project, creating a customer journey overview of the current experience, facilitating an internal workshop and managing internal stakeholders and an external agency for the ideation sessions.

My role

Project lead,
Strategic designer,
Experienced designer,
Stakeholders management


Six months

Tools Used

Miro, Jira, Powerpoint, Teams

User Research

The design process starts by analyzing and mapping the unboxing customer journey experience of the Tiny Eco, the latest machine launched by Lavazza in 2023.

This step helped the team understand the pain points and areas for improvement for the launch of the new machine and how to create the to-be experience, where four main touchpoints were identified for the user journey.


Secondly, we did a benchmarking analysis in the four touch points to identify innovation stimuli from other companies in the coffee sector and other industries.


To identify new ideas, we did four workshops using the opportunity results from the research phase.
The first workshop I conducted was internally with the following corporate teams: E-Commerce, Customer Care, Brand, Digital and Product & Innovation.
The following image displays some of the activities that were performed.

The other three workshops were done with customers from Germany, Italy and France, where we used case studies and different questions to stimulate new ideas aligned with circular economy principles.

From findings to pillars

The ideas gathered from the workshop days, and the research take-out helped us create a guide on creating the experience based on five pillars.

Each pillar has the best ideas for the primary touch point, as in the example below. 

The project’s next step is to validate the desirability, viability and feasibility of the ideas with the different teams of Lavazza.


Launching a new product is not only the commitment of the internal teams of a company but, at the same time, should be aligned with the users’ expectations. Determining a sustainable product means considering all the main touch points and the materials, process, information, behaviours and interactions.

The success of this project was due to the multidisciplinary team, the research phase, and the inclusion of customers from different backgrounds and nationalities in the process. 

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