Hello, I'm Ana.

A Design Strategist, Service and Experience Designer

My Skills

Product Design

Creation of new products based on innovative concepts.

Systemic Approach

See the world in terms of connections and interactions.

User Experience

User Research, Customer Interviews, Behavioral Change Strategies, Visual Design, Prototyping.


Human Centered Design aiming to find sustainable solutions.

Some of my projects

Pop Up Next Car

A project for Italdesign with the aim of boosting the User Experience in the future car mobility system.

User Research
User Interface
Pop Up Next


A behavioral change app for overweight young people. Improve your  physical and emotional state through a multidisciplinary professional team that follows you with a personalized treatment.

User Research
User Interface
Usability test
User Experience

ABCibo Laboratory​

An educational and playful laboratory for elementary school children, focused on creating awareness about the importance of each phase of the food supply chain.

User Research
User Experience
Visual design